Deploy AI AnywhereTM

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly changing both datacenters and the world around us. As AI workloads grow exponentially, DDC S-Series cabinet technology offers an affordable, flexible, and scalable way for anyone to deploy AI Anywhere.

DDC S-Series cabinet technology is the only platform to enable the deployment of scalable HPC and AI infrastructure anywhere without compromising hardware performance, the surrounding environment, or the reliability of the applications running on your high-performance hardware.

The innovative design of DDC cabinets addresses the pain points of any end-user or datacenter operator working to deploy high-capacity GPU workloads.




Challenges of deploying AI in your datacenter:






Intense heat generation

AI Anywhere

DDC’s unique ‘better than liquid’ air-cooled cabinets can sense even slight temperature fluctuations and quickly dissipate heat, up to 85kW in a single rack enclosure.


Significant environmental demands

AI Anywhere

Since the units are fully self-contained, they keep the temperature of every GPU balanced and controlled with surgical precision and without the need to cool an entire room.


The high cost of cabling

AI Anywhere

By building more densely in each rack, up to 85kW, you can minimize wiring runs and pay less for cabling, which helps reduce costs, speeds up deployments, and saves space with your datacenter, lab, or anywhere you need high-performance computing infrastructure.


Modular data center cabinets for high density deployments


The modular design of DDC cabinets supports any hardware, any density, anywhere. The platform can be rapidly deployed anywhere, with solutions for new datacenter builds, retrofits, upgrades, and the edge.

AI Anywhere means a scalable datacenter with reliable, rapid support for AI workflows—today and into the future.