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What is DDC DCIM Software?

Dynamic Density Control® Data Center Infrastructure Management Software

DDC DCIM provides powerful insight into every aspect of environmental management at both the cabinet and data center level. The unique S-Series cabinet design has multiple sensors and data collection points built-in to give you unprecedented data visualization and analytics capabilities, not available with traditional open-air cooling systems.

DDC DCIM Capabilities

  • Dynamic Airflow / Temperature Setpoint Management
  • Manage-Free Cooling and Optimized Resources
  • Energy Sustainability and Conservation
  • Dynamic System Eliminates Stranded Assets
  • Open API Integration
  • Real-Time and Historical Reporting
  • Data Visualization
  • Workload Forecasting Metrics

Integrating DDC DCIM

Designed to oversee and manage data points to ensure maximum energy efficiency and optimal environmental conditions, DDC DCIM supports a single cabinet deployment and can scale to support thousands of enclosures across the globe. While the DDC DCIM software operates as a standalone platform, it is designed to interface with existing DCIM or BMS platforms to extend its data-driven efficiency benefits to all aspects of your MEP infrastructure.

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What You'll Experience with S-Series Cabinets and DDC DCIM

Industry-leading PUE
Exceptional visibility into workload and environmental conditions
Higher power density
Lowered costs by extending cooling resource availability
Increased infrastructure performance
Lowered overall TCO for your entire IT environment
Connected visibility and control using DDC DCIM with existing Building Management System (BMS)

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