Scalable S-Series Data Center Cabinet Platform

An Energy Efficient Data Center Solution for High Density Deployments

The DDC Scalable S-Series cabinets combine the efficiency of water, with the risk-free flexibility of air-cooling, delivered in an enclosed cabinet design, which increases energy efficiency, thermal density, and visibility around the performance of your critical IT platforms.

By enclosing the cabinet and integrating many of the common facility-level features of the data center itself, the S-Series cabinet provides more granular control and visibility of resources, while rapidly accelerating installation and delivery times, all while eliminating a variety of risks and challenges associated with legacy data center design.

Traditional Data Center Design Challenges:

  • Constantly Evolving Hardware Platforms
  • Varying Power & Cooling Requirements
  • Shifting Priorities & Project Timelines
  • Stagnant Budgets Demanding More With Less

Modular data center cabinets for high density deployments
advanced monitoring for high density data center cabinets

The Solution:  Dynamic Density Control®

Dynamic Density Control® (DDC) allows for measurement, control, and dynamic resource allocation within each deployed cabinet.  Through the DDC DCIM, a single pane of glass interface, users can see granular, real-time, and historic statistics around individual cabinet performance, specific segments of the data center, or the entire facility. Connect this level of visibility and control to your existing Building Management System (BMS), or use it as a stand-alone system, and now you’re able to match resource demand with supply, creating a zero-waste environment that helps drive efficiency up, and costs down.

Modular Data Center Deployments

Building on the density and efficiency benefits of the S-Series, the enclosed cabinet design provides true modularity, which means you can deploy any number of cabinets, one or thousands, without compromising efficiency.

data center construction

New Data Center Construction

Match build-out timelines to IT demands and budgets, with modular cabinet design, all for less than traditional data center construction.

data center retrofit

Retrofit and Modernization

Do more with less.  Utilize existing power, space, and water supply, while exponentially increasing efficiency, density, and flexibility with an S-Series cabinet retrofit.

high density cabinets for AI

Rapid Deployment

With the ability to use nearly any water source, or aided by a DDC® Modular Chiller solution, deploy enterprise-class, high-density data center space anywhere, in hours— not days or weeks.

scalable data center cabinets

Turnkey Data Center Solutions

DDC can provide for instant data center solutions, complete with cabinets, chillers, and water systems, all you need is space and power.


Enclosed, Clean-Room Design

Enclosures with recirculated, filtered air, eliminates heat and noise transfer into the surrounding space while keeping hardware in optimal condition.

Surgical Environmental Control

With less than 2° temperature variation, DDC delivers consistent air supply and temperature management to even the most dynamic workloads.

Industry-Leading PUE

Dynamic resource allocation is provided by the DDC DCIM and has the ability to utilize a variety of water temperatures to ensure the best energy efficiency possible.

scalable density
Scalable Density

S-Series cabinets dynamically scale from 1kW – 85kW, ensuring you are future-proofed for whatever comes next!

Deploy Anywhere Flexibility

The cabinet truly is the data center so you can deploy S-Series in data centers, lab environments, warehouses, and hospitals with no noise or heat concerns.

Bulletproof Reliability

Designed by Data Center Operators for Data Center Operators, and with less than 5 moving parts, the S-Series cabinets require little maintenance with industry-leading reliability.

Longer Equipment Life + Fewer Component Failures = Better Overall Uptime


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high density data center cabinets for AI
  • RU Space
    40, 45, 60*
  • Fire Suppression
  • kW Range (Density)
    Up to 85kW
  • Coil Design
  • Water Flow (Range)
    0 – 36.4 GPM
  • Fan Design

*Actual kW will vary with Relative Humidity, Water Temperature and RU Space of the Cabinet.

DDC DCIM Software (required)

  • Remote Management / Control w/ Site Manager & Visual Tools
  • Power Management & Environmental Analytics Package
    DDC Power Strips Required
  • BMS Integration
  • Airflow
    Up to 7200 CFM
  • Cabinet Power Voltage Option
    120v 1P, 208v 1P, 240 1P @50-60Hz
  • Additional Power Options
    380-480v, 3P
  • Water Operating Temp
    Standard Operating Temps 40° – 65°F, High Water Temp (HWT) Support Options Available Up to 80°F
  • Biometric Access Control
  • Local Setpoint Control

Physical Specifications

  • Measurements (45U)
    115 x 24x 72 (in)
    292 x 61 x 183 (cm)
  • Maximum Equipment Depth
    48 (in) 1200(mm)


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