DDC Announces Engineering Update to S-Series Data Center Platform to Support 85kW Thermal Density and Enhanced Environmental Control

Enhanced Precision Air and Temperature Management Enable Robust Thermal Management Without Risky Liquid-to-Chip Modifications or Messy Immersion

San Diego, CA – November 18, 2019 — DDC, the global leader in providing scalable data center-to-edge solutions based on its patented Dynamic Density Control™ (DDC) cabinet technology, today announced an engineering update to its flagship S-Series Data Center Platform, increasing hardware density capacity by 63% (from 52kW to an industry-leading 85kW) – without the need for liquid-to-chip/chassis modifications or fluid immersion. The enhancements, which include a new fan architecture for precision environmental regulation and enhanced controls through an upgraded DCIM interface (dubbed DDC-IM Portal), make the S-Series the world’s most scalable plug-and-play datacenter platform available on the market today, enabling business agility for as little as a 1kW rack, up to high-end HPC workloads of up to 85kW. DDC will be showcasing the S-Series along with its other modular datacenter solutions at the SC19 Conference in Denver, November 18-21 in booth #2131.

“As the need to generate business insights from massive unstructured data sets with artificial intelligence and advanced analytics drives considerable increases in compute density, requirements, enterprises, governments and organizational IT of all types are faced with managing the challenges of effectively scaling their compute capacity to meet these ever-growing demands,” said Chris Orlando, Principal of DDC. “While the industry is hearing a lot about liquid-to-chip/chassis cooling, immersion baths, and other exotic approaches, we’ve engineered a data center platform that supports any hardware, scales up to 85kW, and delivers exceptional power efficiency, all in the traditional plug-and-play, air-cooled, rack-mounted format on which the industry as a whole is built. Using DDC technology, organizations can spend less time architecting their data center, and more time architecting their go-to-market solutions, while getting better performance, longer equipment life, and reduced component failure, with the ability to scale up to HPC densities.”

The DDC S-Series Data Center Platform Enhancements

The DDC S-Series platform delivers powerful capabilities aimed at decreasing complexity and increasing flexibility in any IT deployment. While traditional data center operators have used band-aid type fixes like in row augmentation, bolt-on cooling systems, and most recently liquid-to-chip/chassis or immersion cooling approaches, DDC employs closed loop liquid cooling combined with a clean-room-quality pressurized air system in a cabinet enclosure that contains all heat and noise, and can be rapidly deployed in areas which would have previously been unsuitable, including warehouses, ships, laboratories, or other less traditional locations. Launched in 2010, the mature and tested S-Series platform is receiving its first major engineering update, offering an array of updates, including the following:

Increased Density – Hardware density support is increased by 63% (from 52kW to 85kW) providing the highest density, most scalable plug-and-play datacenter platform available on the market today.

New Fan Architecture – An updated fan architecture improves platform redundancy (adding additional benefit to this already risk-mitigating, individual availability zone design), dramatically improves airflow handling with greater directional and surface area control, and precision CFM and Temperature management – all of which are critical to supporting densely configured IT hardware without the need to introduce additional cooling solutions.

Enhanced Energy Efficiency – New design enhancements now support the widest range of water temperatures in the industry (between 47-80 degrees Fahrenheit), maintaining ASHRAE standard deliverables for equipment rated within those ranges. This enhancement catapults the efficiency rating of the platform and ensures industry leading PUE achievements in nearly any environmental condition.

New DDC-IM Portal – A robust DDC-IM software upgrade enables a variety of control, monitoring, and reporting capabilities to help tune the enclosed environment for maximum ROI and integrates directly with any existing monitoring or building management system. With thousands of data gathering points, DDC ensures a ZERO-WASTE use of cooling and power resources, plus granular data collection for real-time and historic analysis at levels difficult to achieve with nearly any other cooling platform.

For more information about DDC and DDC Technology, please visit the ScaleMatrix/DDC booth (#2131) at the SC19 conference (November 18-21, 2019) or visit www.ddc-cabtech.com.

About DDC
DDC, a subsidiary company of ScaleMatrix, designs and manufactures cabinet and enclosure technologies to enable the deployment of any hardware, at any density, anywhere. The portfolio includes a variety of modular and edge solutions which allow efficient operation of IT hardware in nearly any environment, in either modular or self-contained form factors. The DDC family of products include fire suppression, various security options, shock mounting, extreme environment support, and other key features which ensure the success of any IT deployment, anywhere. To learn more, please visit us at https://ddc-cabtech.com.

About ScaleMatrix:

ScaleMatrix delivers colocation, cloud, backup, disaster recovery, and professional support services from national variable-density data centers that leverage the future-proof Dynamic Density Control™ (DDC) cabinet platform. With power density and efficiency significantly impacting IT costs, these specialized data centers enable ScaleMatrix to deliver exceptionally priced, future-proofed colocation services and ultra-dense cloud hosting capabilities which provide valuable differentiation in today’s ever-changing market. These data center and technology innovations provide clients with a competitive edge and scalable efficiency which helps grow their businesses. Visit www.scalematrix.com for more information.


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