ScaleMatrix’ DDC Technology Enables Enterprises to Deploy 13 PFLOP NVIDIA DGX-powered ‘AI Anywhere’ Infrastructure with Flexible, ‘No Data Center Required’ Design

“Deploy Anywhere at Any Scale” Solution for AI Supercomputing Infrastructure Made Possible Using DDC Turn-Key Cabinet Technology

November 18, 2019 (Denver, CO) – ScaleMatrix, through its subsidiary company, DDC, the global leader in providing scalable data center-to-edge solutions based on its patented Dynamic Density Control™ (DDC) cabinet technology, today announced that it is collaborating with NVIDIA and Microway to deliver SKUs for an 8 petaFLOPS and a 13 petaFLOPS ‘Supercomputer Anywhere’ solution using its DDC S-Series cabinets.

DDC Cabinet Technology, purpose built for scaling dense computing, enables a modular ‘deploy anywhere at any scale’ approach to computing through its S-Series platform, a pressurized ‘clean room quality’ air conditioning system combined with a closed-loop, water-chilled liquid cooling system, all encased in a ruggedized cabinet complete with biometric security, air filtration, and fire suppression capabilities. The modular S-Series cabinets can be erected anywhere power and a roof exists. Through this system, ScaleMatrix and Microway will deliver a flexible SKU option, for customizable ‘Supercomputer Anywhere’ systems powered by NVIDIA DGX systems, that can be deployed virtually anywhere, regardless of data center resource availability, to meet the high-performance computing (HPC) and AI needs of any organization.

The ’AI Anywhere‘ composable SKU will offer a design configuration based on the NVIDIA DGX-1 system, which will consist of a single rack containing 13 DGX-1 units, delivering a computing payload of 13 petaFLOPS. Additional configuration options are based on NVIDIA DGX-2 systems, which will house a DGX POD configuration including four DGX-2 systems and which deliver 8 petaFLOPS of compute power. The composable ’AI Anywhere‘ SKU, will operate between 42kW and 49kW fully loaded, within the precision tuned temperature and airflow management system provided by the DDC S-Series cabinet system. The units will be sold complete with storage and networking following DGX POD reference architecture designs such as NetApp’s ONTAP AI solution. Microway will offer services and expertise in integrating the hardware and software within the DDC cabinet solution integrating all hardware and software, including the full NVIDIA DGX software stack, deep learning and AI framework containers, with the DGX systems, NetApp ONTAP storage, and Mellanox switching prior to delivery. The customer experience for end users is simply to physically install the DDC cabinet platform, connect network interfaces, power on the system(s), and begin to load data and start training runs.

“The Dynamic Density Control S-Series cabinet technology has been used in our ScaleMatrix cloud and colocation data centers since 2010, from which we offer customers infinite scalability and density for computing deployments,” said Chris Orlando, co-founder and principal of ScaleMatrix and DDC. “DDC technology is a mature and proven system, which solves the density challenges other complex liquid cooling systems are trying to solve, but without the mess and hassle of immersion cooling or risky hardware modifications to expensive chips. DCC technology offers the familiar “plug-and-play” approach to manipulating computing at the rack level, giving familiarity and peace of mind to IT managers and opening up the world of possibility to where you can place and procure computing power. In addition, DDC provides surgical control of supply side airflow and temperature management, delivering an ideal operating environment which ensures the best performance for critical AI and enterprise hardware. Artificial Intelligence (AI) will one day be looked at as a broad service in the same way that Internet and mobile access technology are looked at today across industries. Through the creation and delivery of these systems with our partners at NVIDIA and Microway, we are taking a big step towards making powerful computing at immense scales possible wherever it is needed, without the hassles associated with traditional data center facilities.”

“Quickly building enterprise-grade AI infrastructure can be a challenge for some organizations which may not have an AI-ready data center,” said Charlie Boyle, vice president and general manager of DGX Systems at NVIDIA. “NVIDIA DGX systems provide world-leading AI compute performance, and DDC technology extends the value of DGX systems in a ‘deploy-anywhere’ form-factor that overcomes the challenge of finding the right facilities to host the infrastructure.”

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Live Demos at SC19 in Denver, CO

These systems will be available for demo at the ScaleMatrix/DDC booth (#2131) at the SC19 conference (November 18-21, 2019).

About ScaleMatrix:

ScaleMatrix delivers colocation, cloud, backup, disaster recovery, and professional support services from national variable-density data centers that leverage the future-proof Dynamic Density Control™ (DDC) cabinet platform. With power density and efficiency significantly impacting IT costs, these specialized data centers enable ScaleMatrix to deliver exceptionally priced, future-proofed colocation services and ultra-dense cloud hosting capabilities which provide valuable differentiation in today’s ever-changing market. These data center and technology innovations provide clients with a competitive edge and scalable efficiency which helps grow their businesses. Visit for more information.

About DDC

DDC, a subsidiary company of ScaleMatrix, designs and manufactures cabinet and enclosure technologies to enable the deployment of any hardware, at any density, anywhere. The portfolio includes a variety of modular and edge solutions which allow efficient operation of IT hardware in nearly any environment, in either modular or self-contained form factors. The DDC family of products include fire suppression, various security options, shock mounting, extreme environment support, and other key features which ensure the success of any IT deployment, anywhere. To learn more, please visit us at

About Microway, Inc.

Microway builds solutions for the intersection of AI and HPC. These include clusters, servers, quiet workstations designed for bleeding-edge computational performance—that serve demanding users in the enterprise, government, and academia. Since 1982, customers have trusted Microway to deliver them unique and superior deployments—enabling them to remain at the forefront of supercomputing and solve the world’s toughest challenges. Microway is an NVIDIA NPN Elite Solution Provider, an Intel Platinum Technology Provider and HPC Data Center Specialist, and an IBM Business Partner. Classified as a small business, woman owned and operated, Microway’s GSA Schedule is GS-35F-0431N.


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